AODocs for Operations

Use AODocs to digitally transform key business operations across your organization

Integrate critical line of business systems with a central content repository, and make your IT budget go further with AODocs

Standardize Operations

Leverage the power of a single, consistent platform to manage operations. AODocs provides a powerful business process engine to digitize and streamline your operations for maximum efficiency.

Integrate your Business Systems

Integrate content and data from your primary business systems directly into your processes and operations management - delivering intelligent automation, enhanced insight and increased visibility.

Modernize and Scale

AODocs is cloud native platform that delivers efficiency whether you’re one person or one thousand. Start small and grow, or instantly deploy across multiple departments - the choice is yours.

Activate Business-Led Process Management

Give your business users the ability to manage their processes and modify as needs change and your organization scales, without heavy-lifting from IT or business process analysts.

Capture Data Smarter

Out of the box integration with Google Forms provides an elegant user experience to create simple or complex forms to easily capture data and attachments for work order management, onboarding tasks, IT support, facilities requests, and more.

Centralize Document Storage

A central solution for operations allows your departments to quickly find the information they need - while carefully controlled permissions and security ensure that sensitive information are only available to the right users and groups.

Digitally Transform your Processes

Use AODocs to standardize, digitize and streamline any business process, from procurement to PTO management, contract approval, and more, for increased productivity and enhanced visibility across the whole of your business.

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