AODocs for Legal

From Contract Management to Case Management - the modern legal information management platform

Securely manage sensitive information and streamline processes to reduce legal risk using AODocs

Improved Time Management

Spend time focusing on effective, billable work rather than manual approvals, finding lost items, document comparisons, and unnecessary paperwork.

Cloud-Based Case Management

AODocs turns Google Drive into a case management tool with robust metadata, search, permissions management and custom interface development.

Seamless Collaboration On-The-Go

Collaborate on cases and documents, securely share documents for review, and enable digital signatures - all from one easy to use cloud-based solution.

Streamline Contracts Management

Automate the approval and signature processes for all of your legal documents quicker, in one secure location and automate alerts for critical tasks like contract renewal or revision.

Protect Sensitive Documents

Tag confidential information and take control of access permissions to ensure that critical documents don’t get accidentally shared or deleted.

Automate Records Management

Reduce the time spent manually identifying which documents should be records and which retention policy to apply to them using automated classification and application of firm specific retention rules.

Simplify Certification Management

AODocs simplifies the implementation and tracking of required documentation for robust certification processes, such as quality control or environmental responsibility.

Increase Effectiveness on Case Management

Navigate cases smarter with a consolidated set of records, including conversations, documentation and emails. Reporting dashboards and comprehensive audit trails ensure you are productive and compliant with regulations.

Move to Cloud

A cloud-based case management system reduces the need for on-premises infrastructure, software updates, policy enforcement, application support, and disaster & back-up support.

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