AODocs for Human Resources

Modern HR solutions focused on humans, not resources

Recruit and onboard with security and efficiency in a platform built for HR Content Management

Minimize Bureaucracy

AODocs makes HR human again by providing an easy to use, robust solution for HR processes - allowing you to focus less on policies and procedures, and more on people.

Strengthen Engagement

Provide comprehensive, mobile-ready recruitment and onboarding tools to create a deeper sense of engagement from the moment a potential teammate contacts you.

Control Compliance

Get and remain compliant with regulations like GDPR, FairPay, and ADEA with AODocs audit trails, integrated retention management and detailed reporting.

Advance your HR Processes

Organize key HR documents like job offers or resumes and leverage workflows to get compliant with HR regulations and hire more efficiently.

Secure Employee Data

Enable employees to manage personal data, view payslips and control PTO in a secure environment with access permissions on sensitive information.

Improve Onboarding

Start new employees on the right foot from day one with improved onboarding enabled by key integrations with HR systems like SuccessFactors and PeopleSoft.

Simplify PTO Requests & Shift Changes

PTO and shift change requests must be validated to keep track of employee time off, but complex processes lend to errors and confusion. With AODocs, you can ensure that requests process runs smoothly without business disruption.

Create Engaging Performance Reviews

Empower employees and managers with well-defined performance review procedures that allow them to track and monitor progress in a fully audit-able and compliant environment.

Optimize Multi-Channel Recruitment

Reduce the inefficiencies of document and channel intensive recruitment processes, such as job offer publication and candidate screening using AODocs streamlined content management capabilities and easy to configure workflows.

Deliver Superior Privacy

Provide enhanced end-to-end data privacy for your employees via techniques such as encryption and secure transfers, even to external systems such as Salesforce, Expensify or other cloud-based HR systems.

Integrate with your HRMS

Use AODocs to streamline the capture of content and data from your HRMS to trigger onboarding tasks, document onboarding taks, training, and retention policies to capture critical HR content in one secure, easy to search library.

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