AODocs for Process Automation

Easy to use, powerful process automation to scale with your business.

Put intelligent automation and workflows in the hands of your employees

Drive Digitization

Deploy powerful content-rich, mobile-enabled processes to power the digital transformation within your organization.

Reduce Errors

Remove the errors that humans introduce into many manual processes by using intelligent automation.

Integrate AI

Introduce the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide even greater scale and insight to your process automation.

Innovate faster

AODocs provides a visual workflow designer that allows business users to turn their requirements into reality quickly and easily.

Remove Manual Processes

Drive your organization forwards by replacing error-prone, slow manual processes with efficient, visible digital processes.

User-focused Processes

Ensure your users can view and execute process actions from anywhere - using the devices and applications they know and love.

Compliant Processes

Utilize comprehensive auditing and reporting to combine the power and flexibility of user-driven processes with the need to maintain compliance and governance.

Increase Visibility

With configurable dashboards and reporting capabilities, AODocs provides users with a comprehensive ability to view and manage all of their processes.

Introduce AI

AODocs allows organizations to introduce the power of Artificial Intelligence into core business processes such as document classification, entity extraction, or zero-touch records management.

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