ATLANTA, April 22, 2020AODocs, one of the fastest-growing content services platform providers, today announced the immediate availability of its COVID-19 Crisis Outreach App. This new AODocs tool helps companies comply with their obligation to report work-related illnesses as required by theOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the U.S. as well as by government agencies in many other countries.

In light of the OSHA announcement that COVID-19 cases should be reported in accordance with their Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements, AODocs is offering the Crisis Outreach App free of charge for 90 days to any organization that signs up by April 30, 2020. Existing AODocs customers can add the Crisis Outreach App and library directly to their AODocs platform installation at no extra charge.

The Crisis Outreach App enables organizations to manage the outreach and well-being of their employees as it relates to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the app allows companies to:

“Companies around the world are being forced to react, share information, and make important decisions much faster and on a much wider scale than ever before, and this requires a heightened level of information agility that many are struggling to deliver,” said Stéphane Donzé, CEO of AODocs. “We introduced the AODocs Crisis Outreach App because we’re committed to helping organizations manage the unique and rapidly evolving challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Many organizations are scrambling to figure out how to adhere to regulatory requirements for COVID-19 reporting. Those who can leverage the cloud and minimize the impact on IT resources while maintaining the underlying control reporting capabilities required by OSHA and other government entities will be able to focus on managing their business and distributed operations while doing all they can to keep employees safe and healthy,” added Donzé.

More information and a demo on the COVID-19 Crisis Outreach App is available here.

About AODocs

AODocs is the only business process platform tightly integrated with Google Drive’s collaborative, user experience-focused platform, allowing organizations in all industries to easily implement their business-critical processes, control their documents, and meet compliance requirements without burdening users. Headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in San Francisco, Paris, and Milan, AODocs was founded in 2012 by software veterans with decades of experience at organizations including Exalead, Actelion, and Logica. Built to automate business workflows in full compliance with various regulations, AODocs’ patented content services platform is a Google Recommended Partner Solution for G Suite. For more information, visit or follow @AODocs.

For more practical steps you can take to prepare your business and reform your operations during and beyond COVID-19, tune in to AODocs’ webinar: Organizing for the Future Beyond Covid-19 on May 5.

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