17 November 2017

SOFTBANK CORP. cooperates with technology partners of Google™ that offer Recommended for G Suite* applications for enterprises wanting to enhance the security and convenience of G Suite and mail management after sending. These three new solutions will be launched on November 17, 2017.

The outline of each solution is as follows.

1. Mail security enhanced solution “Virtru”

Virtru is a messaging security service that allows you to manage e-mail after sending with innovative technology. Outgoing mail and attached files are encrypted, and the encryption key for decrypting them is stored in the Virtru server on the cloud and operated securely. On the sending side, the following rule setting is possible.

All of these functions are directly integrated into G Suite, and by using Virtru, it is possible to realize the operation of mail and data with G Suite with higher security strength than before. Virtru is a service offered by Virtru Corp.

2. Google Drive™ management solution, AODocs

AODocs is a Google Drive-specific enhancement service that provides document management and enhanced security. Various documents stored in Google Drive (such as files created with Microsoft Office) can be edited and updated directly without downloading locally, and detailed documents using metadata (file attribute information) and workflow functions. You can manage and cooperate with other business applications, and you can dramatically improve the convenience of Google Drive.

AODocs is a service provided by Altirnao Inc.

3. Communication Portal LumApps in cooperation with G Suite

LumApps is a collaboration portal that works seamlessly with the functions of G Suite and integrates intra-company contents, news and business applications into one. Because LumApps is a service running on Google’s cloud computing platform, Google Cloud Platform™, unlike creating a portal on Google’s site, it is not affected by site specification changes. It is possible to build an original environment with superior search and searchability. There are also more than 25 dedicated widgets including G Suite features (Gmail™, Google Calendar™, Google Drive) that you can combine to create and operate a corporate portal flexibly. LumApps is a service provided by LumApps Inc.

About the alliance, CEOs of each company stated as follows.

Stéphane Donzé, AODocs CEO

Over the last few years millions of people in the North American and European markets have come to know and love AODocs for its ability to support enterprise-grade document management capabilities without sacrificing ease of use,” said Stéphane Donzé, Founder and CEO, AODocs. “We’re honored to work alongside SoftBank’s innovative and highly-respected team to extend our solutions into the Asia-Pac region, where we see an incredible growth opportunity.