PSIGEN Document Capture Software

Turn your scanned documents into actionable data with PSIGen

How it works

Capture Content

Let PSIGEN capture the important information from your documents

Secure it

Automatically export business-critical data to AODocs

Use it

Fuel dynamic dashboards, automated processes, and more

Data at your fingertips

PSIGEN automatically captures your organization’s physical and electronic documents and imports them into AODocs’ secure content services platform.

Create an agile business

Combined with AODocs, PSIGEN’s automated data capture technology eliminates manual data entry, making sure your documents get to the right people as quickly as possible.

Extract actionable data

With AODocs and PSIGEN, you can turn the information stored in your documents into searchable, actionable data to gain crucial insights.

Stay secure and compliant

AODocs and PSIGEN help you get rid of your physical filing cabinets and comply with HIPAA, FINRA, and other compliance requirements.

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